#1 Secret to Unearthing Strategic Insights from within SmartSimple Cloud

Are you seeking deeper insights into your organization’s impact? Is it a struggle to effectively analyze your data? Do you need to consolidate information from multiple sources to generate valuable, multidimensional reports? 

Data increasingly directs our decisions and actions, steering us toward more informed choices and evidence-based strategies. However, with data dispersed across various sources, aggregating information is essential to obtain a comprehensive view of your organization. This enables you to uncover meaningful patterns and insights to drive transformative outcomes.

As leaders in configuring and implementing SmartSimple Cloud, we know your system provides a wealth of reporting. We also recognize that the intelligence you need may involve examining your data in ways you can’t always predict, and that insights can be significantly enhanced when overlaying data from other systems. These factors can lead to manual data extracts, new reports, or even the need for changes to your system configuration – which can be time-consuming and require in-depth system expertise.

For SmartSimple Cloud users, there is a better way. reSolved’s Business Intelligence (BI) solution gives you more power in your reporting while providing ultimate flexibility, so you can unearth strategic insights from your SmartSimple Cloud data and gain a deeper understanding of your impact to guide future decisions.

Gain Incredible Flexibility with Your Data

The journey of crafting reports begins with your SmartSimple Cloud system configuration. You’ve likely built a range of reports and a few dashboards that serve your day-to-day needs. Advanced search capabilities enable staff to perform ad-hoc queries, which is a great way for team members to get information without requiring an in-depth understanding of the system. However, these searches are limited to ‘connected’ areas of the system. If these connections haven’t been configured in your system’s architecture, you will explore one of two options: You can manually extract data from your system for analysis; or you can make changes to your system configuration and develop advanced reports through the report builder.

In our work with many larger organizations, we have seen that advanced reporting and more complex analyses tend to be ongoing and evolving, and they often involve overlaying data from other sources. Clients that undertake this work want alternative, streamlined solutions to manual data extracts or frequent configuration changes. With reSolved’s Business Intelligence (BI) solution, you can enhance your level of flexibility and improve your efficiency.

reSolved’s BI solution consolidates all of your SmartSimple Cloud data into a centralized repository. It can also incorporate information from other relevant data sources your organization utilizes, such as CRM, ERP, data lake, and more. This offers a seamless approach to data analysis across all platforms and empowers you to conduct in-depth analysis and reporting with greater flexibility.

Visualize Your SmartSimple Cloud Data within Your Existing BI Tool

Access your SmartSimple Cloud data through your preferred data visualization tool. By using reSolved’s BI solution, you can consolidate all your data from SmartSimple Cloud and other systems into a single repository, then connect industry-leading visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI, or Domo. This allows you to unlock the true potential of your data by transforming raw information into dynamic visualizations through charts and tables. The BI solution affords unlimited flexibility with your data, so you can explore all your organization’s information from various angles to gain deeper insights.

Harness the capabilities of leading data visualization tools to create interactive dashboards and professional reports for your organization and provide a comprehensive view of program performance and trends in a compelling manner. This even makes reporting accessible at all levels of the organization, enabling your staff to effortlessly interact with and understand data.

You can now examine the impact across SmartSimple Cloud modules and from other sources to gain a holistic view of program impact and trends, engagement and relationship strength, financial forecasting, and more. This allows your organization to monitor progress toward goals, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven adjustments to optimize program effectiveness. reSolved’s BI solution empowers you to leverage your organization’s data assets effectively so you can improve engagement with stakeholders and achieve greater overall success in fulfilling your mission.

Rest Easy with Intelligent Administration and Top-Notch Security

A key advantage or our BI solution is that it is intelligently built for and molded to your unique configuration of SmartSimple Cloud. As your organization makes changes to your system, the BI solution automatically discovers them and updates the data schema, ensuring that any new changes are immediately reflected within the BI solution. This seamless capability minimizes the effort required to manage and update the BI solution, allowing your team to stay focused on critical decision-making and harnessing the full potential of your data.

As organizations host more of their data and applications in the cloud, security is a top concern. reSolved’s BI solution provides best-in-class security and encryption capabilities that meet the most stringent governance and compliance requirements to secure your data against cyber threats.

To learn more about reSolved Business Intelligence solution and how it can help your organization make smarter decisions, reach out to us at impact@re-solved.ca

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