Employee Spotlight: Introducing Our Newest Members

We believe our people are our greatest asset. They deliver their best every day. It is the work they do and their dedication that drives growth, enabling us to better serve our clients. Our global community of clients has continued to grow significantly, and our existing clients have been turning to us with increasing frequency to support the evolution of their systems as they expand their work and impact.

Over the past two quarters, seventeen new colleagues joined reSolved to attend to our clients’ growing needs. Each individual brings unique experience and a diverse perspective to complement our existing teams.

Growing our Business Analyst Team

Mustapha Ouaghris steps in as Manager for our Business Analyst Team, while Omobola Ogunlabi joins as Business Analyst. These trusted advisors serve as the bridge between clients’ needs and the technology solutions that deliver impact.

Leading our Business Analyst Team, Mustapha specializes in project management using agile and scum methodologies. Having previously played an active role in designing, implementing, testing, and integrating new features and functionalities into SmartSimple, Mustapha has a diverse skillset he’s ready to bring to the field. Speaking of fields, he is also an avid sports person! Mustapha plays tennis and volleyball, and swims and runs in his spare time.

A scrum master with experience in pharmaceutical and renewable energy, Omobola also has a passion for making an impact. Her favorite project was implementing a CRM that supports consumer financing to enable low-income and middle-income families to afford solar products.

Expanding Communications with Marketing

To further open our lines of communication with clients, Marketing Manager Laura John joined the team. She’ll ensure our clients know about all the ways they can enhance efficiency and effectiveness through their work. Laura is creative and crafty, spending most of her free time knitting sweaters and blankets to stay warm in winter.

Building our Development Team

Our developers are the builders; they’re in the virtual ‘room where it happens’ configuring the solutions that enable our clients’ impact. Meet the nine new developers who recently joined reSolved:

Sergey Kozyrev is a builder, through and through. He’s produced software applications and websites, along with an impressive list of academic credentials. But his love of building doesn’t stop there. Sergey spends his free time assembling wood models – he has even constructed a fully functional 19th century race car.

Sandy Misra has worked in the healthcare and banking industries where he delivered large scale IT projects. He is an active learner with a long roster of technology certifications. Speaking of rosters, Sandy is quite the sports enthusiast – he swims, plays cricket and basketball. He also played basketball on his university’s team!

Heily Tran has a love for languages. With a deep understanding of computer programing languages for developing front-end applications, her linguistic skills don’t stop there. She also speaks Vietnamese, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English. Heily’s appreciation for languages paired with her dedication to give back to society will help our clients make a bigger impact around the world.

Kuldeep Rawal is a front-end developer with project management skills and a keen eye for business and technology trends. Having taken active roles in scoping requirements and coordinating multiple teams to meet business requirements, Kuldeep is a natural born leader who also believes in giving back. He previously worked for a nonprofit as a professional hiking instructor, leading groups through the trails in India.

Software Developer, Andrew Stevenson loves to create harmony, and used that talent to collaborate and build a mobile app at a tech startup. Aside from orchestrating harmony in his work, Andrew is a contemporary jazz guitarist who has worked on cruise ships to bring his music to others. He’s also lived abroad in Russia and Germany working as an ESL teacher.

Syed Bukhari is a caring, warm-hearted developer who seeks out different ways to share his talents to create an impact. After moving to Canada from Pakistan, Syed began volunteering for ANIDA; a nonprofit that works to improve the standard of living for children, women, and families through access to education, health, and sustainable income. With his programing and web development background, he helps them have a stronger online presence to share their mission with the world.

Believing his ability to help people is the greatest gift of all, Henry Luan is a curious software developer with a keen eye for UI/UX design. He shows his passion through continuous learning and taking the time to teach others. His curiosity doesn’t stop there. In his free time, he is quite adventurous and enjoys bouldering, hiking, and traveling.

Patricio Huerta is a full stack developer with deep knowledge in various programming languages, system testing, and the latest technology trends. Being a tech enthusiast, he spendings his free time learning new skills and technologies through various personal projects. Computer programming languages isn’t all Patricio knows. He is also bilingual, speaking English and Spanish.

Web developer, Weslie Chung is an innovator at heart. With an interest in all things technology, he is particularly interested in the rise of AI tools and is excited to see how they can make an impact over time. Outside of technology, Weslie enjoys experimenting with new cooking recipes and creating new flavor combinations.

Add to our Project Management Team

Guiding you through your entire project, our Project Managers are with you every step of the way. Meet two new team members who will be working with clients to ensure requirements are met and delivered in a timely manner.

As a results-oriented Project Manager, Sara Babu strategically guides organizations to achieve their metrics and goals. Having worked in various roles within the software development lifecycle, she is well adept in project management, delivery, performance, testing, and deployment. Sara is an outgoing, people-oriented person and works well with cross-functional teams. With her radiant confidence, she was even a host on a TV show in India!

Lahiru Devadithya is a former software engineer, current project manager with experience leading projects for Fortune 500 enterprise clients and global multinationals. He is dedicated to forging paths to success for his clients and is adept at delivering scalable frameworks to drive efficiency gains. Outside of work you can even find Lahiru on paths hiking or traveling the world.

Ensuring Efficient Operations

We often tell our clients how important it is for people, process, and technology to work together in harmony. As we continue to grow, we’ve brought on two new team members to address these important focus areas within our own business, too.

Melissa Otta joined as our People and Culture Generalist to aid in our continued growth, assisting with recruitment, employee engagement, and more. She previously contributed to the growth, development, and engagement of teams within the legal, financial, and municipal sectors. Melissa has always enjoyed building trusting and supportive relationships with employees and management.

Jamila Enta is a Governance, Compliance and Risk Specialist with experience designing and implementing strategies on behalf of over 250 global organizations to mitigate thousands of threats across digital platforms. She also developed and revised privacy and information security-related policies and procedures that align with client needs and international standards including ISO 27001.

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