Empowering Grantmakers: Unleashing the Potential of Digital Adoption Platforms

reSolved is on a mission to power your purpose. We provide you with the tools and knowledge to do what you do, better and more efficiently.

Technology provides essential support to grantmakers in their work to advance social change. We’re in a time of rapid technology transformation, as organizations continue to add new capabilities and processes within their grants management systems (GMS) to align with evolving needs.

At reSolved, we know how important it is for technology to help users, not hold them back. Yet when you’re changing or implementing new technology, it often comes with the complexities of ensuring that your users — be it staff, grantees, reviewers, and other stakeholders — can successfully navigate and use it. Especially when it comes to your GMS; it’s the heart of your operations! Users may frequently find themselves struggling to adapt and often forget what they’ve learned in training sessions. There’s a knowledge gap that creates a need for additional support and training (and re-training) that costs your organization valuable time and money.

What if you could:

  • Reduce the amount of time spent training and re-training users?
  • Eliminate the need for constant updates to user manuals and training resources?
  • Enhance the experience of your staff and grantees?

How can you ensure the efficiency of your users when they are working in your system? With the assistance of a digital adoption platform (DAP), you can help staff be instantly productive, improve the grantee experience, and reduce ongoing training and support.

Users forget 70% of what they learn in first 24 hours. This means that by the time a user goes to perform a task or workflow in your system, they’re likely to have forgotten most of the required steps. A digital adoption platform provides the power of on-screen guidance, which offers users step-by-step assistance within your GMS. It can even automate difficult processes and streamline the completion of tasks. When your staff or grantees require further assistance, they can access the interactive resource center. By searching keywords, users can access relevant support including tutorial videos, user manuals, help articles, FAQs, access to on-screen guidance, and more.

Digital adoption solutions have the potential to significantly reduce support demands and transform your technology investments into a seamless experience for your staff, grantees, and other stakeholders.

Seeing is Believing: Visit us at TAG2023 and Take the Digital Adoption Challenge

We’ll be at TAG2023 in Nashville from November 6-9 and we want you to experience firsthand how you can streamline your processes, reduce training and support demands, and help your users work smarter not harder with the use of a digital adoption platform.

Stop by our booth #2 and take the digital adoption challenge. Compete against another attendee to complete a common grantmaking workflow. But there’s a catch! One of you will have a secret advantage of a digital adoption platform to guide you. Will you be the lucky one? See how easy – or – hard it can be.

Learn About reSolved’s Digital Adoption Services

Our digital adoption services help our clients be more prepared when new technology is introduced and significantly increases their success with existing technology. Manage technology change and drive adoption success with a better experience supported by in-application guidance, timely engagement, personalized, contextual support based on each user’s needs, and automation.

Learn more about reSolved’s digital adoption services.

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