End-to-end services support your entire digital transformation

Re-Solved brings a distinctive set of capabilities that help harness the robust possibilities of your technology investment. Our services go beyond technology implementation to enable and support the entire Digital Transformation – People, Process and Technology.


Process Redesign & Optimization

Based on LEAN methodology and thinking, our consulting services can help radically redesign your core processes to achieve dramatic improvements in your organization’s productivity and efficiency. We can help you develop strategies and provide tools to reduce the fragmentation of your work and establish clear ownership of processes in each department. All of your stakeholders will have transparent responsibility for their output and can measure their performance based on prompt feedback. Our approach is developed from our team’s decades of experience in enabling organizations to right- size their processes and operations to maximize their impact.

Implementation & Software Development

We develop, configure, and implement software solutions for philanthropic organizations, corporations, government agencies and research institutions. Building the right solution for you can sometimes mean that we have to look beyond a system’s current capabilities and develop complementary solutions. Our unique blend of business and technical expertise enables us to bridge that gap to meet your needs.

Change Management

The right change management process will help you realize benefits of your technology investment while focusing on people – minimizing employee resistance and building change competency into your company. Re-Solved’s change management methodology enables successful organizational transformation. Examples of customized change management plans we help create, implement, and manage for project teams include strategies and trainings.

Business Intelligence

We provide industry leading business intelligence systems with powerful, easy to use, and customizable dashboards. We help you identify the data you need and determine how to present it in a meaningful way so you can make better decisions in real-time.

Outcomes/Impact Measurement

By taking a deep dive into the intricacies of your organization’s mission, we develop and implement the right tools to help you make the greatest impact, using the most efficient processes and strategies. You know your communities better than anyone, and your system should mirror that expertise.

Training & Digital Adoption

Training elevates your efficiency and effectiveness through tailored services to help you take full advantage of your system’s capabilities. Training services include everything you from platform 101 training, functionality usage training, and system administrator training to targeted, results-focused sessions that cover advanced topics. Digital adoption services provide on-screen, instructional guidance to improve the onboarding experience of your user base, providing assistance to your users at the exact moment of need. This streamlines the ongoing learning of your users through in-system help, task automation, and advanced data analytics to help you understand how your users are navigating through the system.


We are with our clients from beginning to end. We support you so that you can manage your new or enhanced system self-sufficiently and with confidence. Ongoing assistance and strategic advice to ensure you get maximum value from their investment. Our experienced support team is available 7/5 to respond to questions and troubleshoot any issues you may experience.


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