We offer an end-to-end service to clients around the world across various industries. We are passionate about partnering with our clients to deliver the best-in-class software solutions that enable their greatest impact.


Since 2007, we have developed, configured and implemented software solutions for the philanthropy, pharma, research, finance and manufacturing industries.

Business Intelligence

We provide industry leading business intelligence software with powerful, easy to use and customizable dashboards. We help clients identify the data they need and how to present it in a meaningful way so they can make better decisions in real-time.

Custom Development

We are a team of experienced professionals that combine a blend of business and technical expertise. We bridge the gap that exists between what clients need to be more efficient and how the developer can find the appropriate solution.


We are an ixo Ambassador, connecting foundations with ixo, a global collaboration to create and fund verifiable impact claims using crypto-economic proof of impact and high definition data. We’re happy to discuss how to get your impact project on the blockchain.

technology partnerships

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