Business Intelligence SOLUTION

Unearth strategic insights from your data for smarter decisions with our powerful BI solution built for SmartSimple Cloud.

Turning data into actionable insights too often involves a time-consuming, fragmented, and manual process of extracting and preparing datasets before analysis even begins. With reSolved’s automated Business Intelligence solution, you can make faster data-driven decisions and realize efficiency gains by uncovering rich insights within the data you already have. Compatible with any complex or unique business process, our cloud-based solution unifies all your organization’s data sources into a single database that you can work with more easily and flexibly. Used by large companies, foundations, and research-based organizations already using SmartSimple Cloud, our Business Intelligence solution equips you with the tools and confidence for making smarter decisions with greater agility.

Built to unify the data within your SmartSimple Cloud system and organization’s entire technology stack

  • Consolidate all the operational data housed within SmartSimple Cloud and its various modules for a centralized repository that is easier to access and always up-to-date.

  • Access the data you need even faster without cumbersome load times or having to dig through each of your data sources and manually export what you need for analysis.

  • Intelligently built for and molded to your unique configuration of SmartSimple Cloud, our solution automatically discovers any changes made to your system and updates the data schema.

  • Enrich your data even further by easily pulling from other systems and repositories as frequently as needed, including your CRM, ERP, data lake, data warehouse, and more.

Extract more insights and value out of your current technology investments

  • Our cloud and SQL based solution easily plugs into your existing IT infrastructure and empowers your teams to securely consume data from any browser, wherever they may be.

  • Mirroring how you currently use your technologies, your teams gain the business intelligence they need without the disruption and delays that come with changing how they prefer to work.

  • Protect your data with best-in-class security and encryption capabilities that meet even the most demanding governance and compliance needs.

Propel your organization’s data-driven culture while sharing the insights your stakeholders expect

  • Empower your key decision makers to extract the actionable data-driven insights needed to fuel strategic change and transformation.

  • Foster a foundation of trust, continuous improvement, and evidence-based decision making for driving better business results with real-time dashboards, reports, charts, and more.

  • Connects with other business intelligence and data visualization tools your teams may also use, such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Domo, and more.

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