Donor Advised Funds Solution

Align your development and grantmaking efforts with a self-serve solution for keeping your donor community more engaged.

With reSolved’s all-in-one solution for DAFs, you can bring greater efficiency to managing the full lifecycle of the world’s fastest-growing charitable giving vehicle. Whether or not you already have a GMS in place, you can align all your giving efforts while better engaging your donors in ways they now expect. Used by some of North America’s largest community foundations and built on the highly-rated SmartSimple Cloud, you will gain a comprehensive, fully branded hub that is secure, intuitive-to-use, and accessible from anywhere, anytime.

Strengthen fundholder engagement while keeping them up-to-date

  • Give everyone in your donor community their own personalized, self-serve portal with intuitive access to the information they need through any browser.

  • Make grant recommendations and contributions easy for your donors, and promote new or priority giving opportunities that align with their interests.

  • Deepen your engagement with your donor community by featuring upcoming events and donor resources within their portal.

Give your donors complete visibility over their funds

  • Drive greater transparency with donors by providing them convenient ways to see how their funds are being utilized and generating impact.

  • Offer donors access to real-time fund balances and giving history, as well as amounts available to grant, pending grants, and total granted.

  • Simplify how donors obtain their financial statements with the option of mapping their contributions to global frameworks like the UN SDGs.

Reduce DAF administration while maximizing investment pools

  • Save precious time by streamlining how your team manages donor advised requests, so you have more time to focus on engaging key donors and growing funding pools.

  • Take advantage of robust, fully automated reporting capabilities to dramatically reduce headaches in providing year-end financial statements and more.

  • Protect your donor data with best-in-class security and encryption capabilities that meet even the most demanding information security needs.

  • Integrate with other systems you use like Salesforce, QuickBooks, and Microsoft Dynamics, or services like Candid GuideStar to improve evaluating donor recommendations.

  • Multilingual and multicurrency capabilities are available

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