Tailored Budget Solution

Take your SmartSimple implementation to the next level with a tailored budget solution to easily manage, view, and report on year over year finances.

Budgets are one of the most complicated components of any application form and they become more tedious if your organization has multi-year projects, multiple budget categories and the need to collect expense reporting from end users. A tailored solution will improve the end user experience, as well as your ability to report on your organization’s financial information year over year.



To better manage multi-year budgets simply organize your budgets into a tabbed view. This will improve the layout of the page to display one year at a time allowing you to manage the program’s spending.


Save time recreating budgets by copying budget information from one year to the next. This will reduce the amount of entry required to complete the budget as well as reduce the risk of data entry errors.


Gain a better sense of trends with the ability to see budget information from several years at-a-glance within the summary view.


Easily track expenses through the lifecycle of an application and automate reporting to simplify progress checks and review final financial metrics to review success.

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