Tuition & Financial Assistance Solution

Reduce the barriers to accessing community education and assistance opportunities with our intelligent, easy-to-use solution that fits your process.

With reSolved’s all-in-one solution for managing tuition and financial assistance programs, you can bring greater agility and efficiency to meeting your community’s needs. Streamline your submission and data-driven evaluation processes, while also capturing analytics to paint a picture of your community’s overall financial standing. Trusted by private, community, and faith-based schools and built on the highly-rated SmartSimple Cloud, our secure, fully branded solution is accessible from anywhere and perfectly complements an existing GMS.

Improve access to community-based assistance programs with a streamlined submission process

  • Give every eligible household in your community their own personalized, self-serve portal to securely register, apply, and access their information through any browser.

  • Make it easy for applying households to create profiles and add dependents, along with all the financial information you require for each of the assistance opportunities you offer.

  • Once registered in your system, families can easily apply for other assistance opportunities and programs that you may also offer.

  • Deepen engagement with your recipients by featuring announcements, upcoming events, and community resources from within their portal.

Make better data-driven decisions for assisting those in most need of financial support

  • Save precious time by streamlining how your team manages submissions and reviews, so you have more time to focus on addressing the long-term, strategic needs of your community.

  • Build detailed financial profiles of applying households and collect details specific to each of your assistance programs, including assets, expenses, IRS/CRA tax return amounts, and more.

  • Take advantage of eligibility questionnaires that are tailored to each of your assistance programs, so you save applicants time and only receive submissions from qualified households.

  • Simplify stakeholder and committee reviews from start to finish with convenient access to all the information needed to award the most qualified candidates.

Streamline reporting while gaining analytics for evaluating your community’s overall economic standing

  • Take advantage of robust, fully automated reporting capabilities to dramatically reduce headaches in reporting program effectiveness, year-end statements, and more.

  • Aggregate and evaluate analytics on the overall financial condition of your community, so you can understand how best to support their current and future needs.

  • Protect your constituent data with best-in-class security and encryption capabilities that meet even the most demanding information security needs.

  • Integrate with other systems you use like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, student information and grant management systems, and many more.

  • Multilingual and multicurrency capabilities are available.

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