Streamline Your Training Approach with a DAP

The Technology Association of Grantmakers (TAG) hosted its annual conference this past November, TAG2023. This event brought together hundreds of technology leaders from grantmaking organizations who are cultivating the strategic, equitable, and innovative use of technology in philanthropy. It proved to be an excellent setting for networking and thoughtful conversations around technology. We were pleased to sponsor the TAG Unplugged Acoustic Lounge and to exhibit at the conference.

During the event, we had the opportunity to hear from grantmaking organizations and some of the innovative ways they are using their grants management systems (GMS) to amplify impact. However, a common challenge was prevalent throughout these conversations: Their training methods can’t keep pace with the rate at which technology is evolving within their organization.

Going into a project, we often hear the same: that it is difficult for users — staff, grantees, reviewers, or other stakeholders — to effectively learn and navigate technology, especially when there is change. At reSolved, we believe that technology should help you, not hold you back. In our work with clients, we focus on making technology work better. At TAG2023, we showcased some of our efforts and challenged attendees to take our digital adoption challenge. This experience gave attendees an opportunity to walk through a typical grant workflow with the guided assistance of a digital adoption platform (DAP). A DAP is a tool that helps individuals to use technology to its fullest potential with minimal interruption and limited engagement with technical support, making users more self-sufficient and productive.

The Digital Adoption Challenge

Attendees who stepped up to the challenge were able to experience firsthand how a DAP seamlessly overlays with a grants management systems (GMS) and enhances user proficiency. They were able to interact with the power of on-screen guidance, which offers users step-by-step assistance to complete processes within the grants cycle. This challenge showed how a DAP can improve your training strategy by incorporating support into your GMS. Attendees discovered the immediate impact of empowering users with a DAP, and how it can allow them to confidently navigate systems in less time and without the need for multiple training sessions.

See the digital adoption challenge in action and watch how a DAP guides the user through a workflow to create a new organization and a new contact within that organization.

How a Digital Adoption Platform Streamlines Training to Keep Up with Technology

Whether you are implementing a new system or making enhancements to an existing one, it’s likely that your users will need ongoing training. Studies show that users typically forget 70% of what they’ve learned within the first 24 hours. With a digital adoption platform (DAP) users can learn as they go with support every step of the way, substantially reducing the need for training from you and your team.

By implementing a digital adoption platform (DAP) with your GMS, you can:

  • Eliminate the need for constant updates to user manuals and training resources.
  • Make training easier with on-screen guidance to walk users step-by-step through processes.
  • Automate difficult or repetitive processes with the assistance of task automation.
  • Reduce support tickets by providing a centralized interactive resource center for users to search for support materials including on-screen guidance.
  • Reduce the volume of training sessions by communicating smaller enhancements with alerts.

A DAP can ensure your training methods keep pace with the rate at which your technology is evolving, while giving you the added ability to track and measure progress toward successful user adoption.

Are You Ready to Reap the Benefits of a DAP?

Beyond the immediate benefits of streamlined training and increased efficiency, a DAP can save your organization time and money. Think about the amount of time you are currently spending creating training resources and onboarding users. Consider how many support tickets your organization receives in a year and how much time it takes to resolve each ticket. Then, consider how much time your users spend trying to navigate your system or locating support materials. How much time would they save if they were 30% more efficient? We can work with you to consider these questions and help create an approach to streamline your training efforts.

Contact us at, and let’s explore together how a digital adoption platform can ensure that your training keeps pace with the evolution of your technology.

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