SmartSimple Cloud Learning Path

The resource for exceptional administrators to grow their skills and expertise with SmartSimple Cloud

From the essentials of system administration to advanced expertise required to configure a new system, the SmartSimple Cloud Learning Path helps you develop the knowledge needed to effectively advance your SmartSimple Cloud platform and meet your organization’s evolving needs. Built and led by the experts at reSolved, we bring a best practices approach from our decades of experience delivering SmartSimple solutions for some of the largest, high profile organizations in the world.


Develop essential skills to maintain your existing system

Learn the fundamentals and a best practices approach to system administration. You’ll acquire the core skills needed to maintain your SmartSimple Cloud system.

Gain the know-how to extend the capabilities of your platform

Advance your understanding and grow your proficiency so you can extend the capabilities of the SmartSimple Cloud platform.

Build deep expertise to configure new solutions

Create more impact for your organization. Develop the professional competency to configure solutions that align SmartSimple Cloud technology to your organization’s strategic needs.

Establish a pathway for SmartSimple Cloud Certification

Whether it is the SmartSimple Cloud System Administrator or Configuration Specialist certification you are aiming to achieve, reSolved University can support you on your journey.


Demonstrate your knowledge and skills with a SmartSimple Cloud Certification. These valuable credentials establish that you have the requisite knowledge to be considered a SmartSimple Cloud expert and open the door to new professional opportunities and career growth. Visit the SmartSimple Certifications webpage for more information.

Here’s how reSolved University courses support SmartSimple Cloud Certification:

SmartSimple Cloud System Administrator certification: The Freshman course covers the relevant topics that are included in this certification exam.

SmartSimple Cloud Configuration Specialist certification: The Sophomore, Junior, and Senior courses cover the relevant topics and competencies that are assessed in this certification exam.


  • Learn from anywhere, when it’s convenient for you

  • Receive interactive online training through video and guided tutorials

  • Test your knowledge with built-in exercises and assessments

  • Search, annotate, and bookmark learning content for easy reference

  • Progress through different course levels to support your needs – from standard concepts of system administration to configuring a new system

  • Gain hands-on experience with access to a personal SmartSimple instance beginning with the Sophomore course

  • Access to materials for three months with every course registration. Extended access can be purchased for an additional fee


reSolved University offers different course levels depending on your needs. Choose the right path to gain knowledge and expertise that enables you to take full advantage of the powerful capabilities in SmartSimple Cloud.

Each course is self-paced, allowing participants to learn on their own time. It is recommended that participants allocate at least one week – but no more than three months – to complete each course, to receive the maximum benefit from the learning.


Core Expertise to Maintain Your Existing SmartSimple Cloud System

Develop essential expertise about the SmartSimple Cloud platform. This course provides you with the core skills needed to maintain your existing SmartSimple Cloud system. Upon successful completion, you can expect to handle practical, everyday tasks, such as: Adding new users; modifying list views; managing communication tools; and making minor changes to forms, reports, and workflows.

This course contains 12 learning modules, with assessments at the end of each module.


SOPHOMORE COURSE Fundamentals of SmartSimple Cloud Configuration

Once the Freshman course has been successfully completed, you can advance to the Sophomore course which provides power users with a more robust understanding of the SmartSimple Cloud platform and the foundational knowledge to configure SmartSimple Cloud. During this course, you’ll access your own instance of SmartSimple Cloud, where you gain hands-on experience through configuration exercises that are paired with each tutorial. Upon successful completion, you will have the know-how to build a new basic system, which includes tasks such as: Creating a new application type with fields, statuses, buttons, and validation; creating new roles and managing security permissions; creating login and signup pages; system branding, and more. 

This course contains 11 learning modules, with 25 hands-on configuration exercises.


Advanced Configuration Concepts on the SmartSimple Cloud Platform

The Junior course can be taken after you have concluded the Sophomore level. This course focuses on more complex configuration approaches within SmartSimple Cloud, building upon the skills learned previously and empowering you to get more out of your SmartSimple Cloud system. You will continue with video tutorials and hands-on guided configuration assignments throughout the course and when you’re finished you will be able to build and edit portals, perform advanced configuration tasks, create new workflows, and develop complex reports that draw from multiple datasets.

This course contains 12 learning modules with over 30 hands-on configuration exercises.


Configure a SmartSimple Cloud Capstone Project (Coming Soon!)

In the Senior course, you will demonstrate your proficiency with SmartSimple Cloud. In this end-to-end project, you will select a use case and define a business process within SmartSimple Cloud. You’ll design and configure the platform to support the use case, conduct advanced troubleshooting and provide quality assurance for the solution you have configured. Throughout the process, you will work with reSolved’s Client Success team, who will shadow you through the process and certify that you have successfully completed the build.

Wonder if you’ve had this training?

If you are an existing reSolved client and have taken our standard System Administrator training, then you have already covered the topics in the Freshman course.


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